A customized website & mobile app for the children of incarcerated parents

Your expert help — just a tap away!

Now you can give children with a parent in prison in your state or country the help and support they want — right on their phone!

Here’s a customizable website and mobile app combination with which your organisation can reach out and help many children simultaneously. At a manageable cost.

This entertaining, informative, ultra child-friendly website and its companion mobile app, customized for you

New Zealand’s Pillars organisation developed these two highly-rated tools for children of incarcerated parents.

Now we will develop for you a customized version of the website and app with your organisation’s name and branding, in your language, with illustrations and local information drawn from your national prison service and justice institutions. At a budget-friendly price with on-going maintenance and technical support.

Save development costs and get these two tools finished fast

Pillars is offering a customized, turn-key version of this website and mobile app. This substantially reduces your costs and dramatically shortens development time. The children you care for can have the website and app in their hands quickly.

Why this website works so well with children AND adults

The website is divided into three useful, easy-to-find areas

  1. Just Us Town Children of incarcerated parents can visit a prison, court house, their own house, friend’s house and community house. The child can enter any of these places. They can learn how to cope with their thoughts and feelings about visiting their parent in prison. It can be customized to have a real flavour of your state or country.The website begins with Justin, a friendly alien, who arrives by flying saucer. Justin provides an interactive question and answer service and further support is available on line by your counsellors.
  2. Parents and Caregivers Parents and caregivers can access information and support for themselves, and learn how to help the children through the website or by contacting your staff online.
  3. Organisations Through this area you can offer online assistance, and links to support best practice.

The mobile app is an energetic, sophisticated companion to the website — not a simple clone

We will develop both Android and Apple versions for your office. You will offer the app to the children you help.

With a couple of taps on their phone, children of all age groups with a parent in prison will be looking at questions they need answered and safe, helpful support from the appropriate members of your staff.

There are pictures and diagrams that younger children will respond to, and lists and written answers for older children and teenagers.

This ultra child-friendly native app gives them FAST access to you and your resources during this difficult time.

You can send highly targeted NOTIFICATIONS with the app

Every child who has the app can get your reminders, helpful tips, suggestions, links to pages you recommend on your website (or another site), your special events (regional events or national), and so on. The app lets you stay in touch to encourage and support.

What’s more, you can choose who will receive a particular notification. You might want to notify only the children in a certain geographic region, city, or tiny neighbourhood. Or just to those over a certain age. Although of course you can send a notification to everyone at the same time. Your choice.

With the app, older children can promote your services on Facebook and other social media platforms

The app will let children with the app recommend it to their friends. This is word of mouth promotion of your services and resources. You can’t get a better recommendation!

Next step

Let’s discuss how we can assist you by building a website and its companion native phone app for the children in YOUR area of concern.

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